why i don't like wordpress

most startup website companies i see seem to really like using wordpress for some reason, and as someone who knows how to code themes and set up sites in wordpress, i’ve grown a distaste for it the more i see it show up.

i wanted to compile a couple reasons why i have a particular distate for it, and list my favourite alternatives.

so first, the negatives about wordpress:

  1. it’s for blogs

    • wordpress was initially a platform for bloggers, and is intended to work for blog platforms still. however, there are a lot of websites that are not blogs that still use wordpress. for example, the 1975’s website serves only as a page to link to their profiles on streaming services, however their site is built on wordpress. (note the wp-content subfolders in the source code)
  2. it’s slow

    • wordpress has horrible loading speeds. most themes and add-ons are way too bulky, and poor knowledge about wordpress optimization combine to make most wordpress sites sluggish and slow.
  3. it doesn’t scale well

    • you can make a wordpress site that can handle a lot of traffic, but it takes too much effort and money to make it really worth it. you’ll most likely end up hiring an expensive wordpress expert, and it’ll cost you almost as much as the rest of the web development.

so, what should i use?

i personally use jekyll on my website, but really it’s a case by case basis situation. no one CMS will work for every type of website. explore your options, support indie software devs, and keep coding :3